Measurement Guide


Home Spacing


Understanding the dimensions of your home is crucial when investing in new furniture. It's imperative to be aware of your available space prior to purchasing larger items. Take into consideration the following measurements:



Accurately measuring the dimensions of your doorways is essential for ensuring a smooth delivery process. It's important to measure both interior and exterior doorways in terms of height, width, and diagonal length. Additionally, assessing the maximum swing of the door and the placement of the knob is significant. While removing doors is sometimes an option, it should be done with caution and after proper inspection.



Living Space

Before making a purchase, visualize how the furniture will fit into your living space. Take measurements of the area where you intend to place the furniture and its surroundings. Ensure that the furniture is positioned appropriately without blocking any essential areas of your home.

Using tape or string can be helpful in visualizing the required space.




The dimensions of elevators are often overlooked when planning for a large delivery. If you intend to use an elevator, it's important to consider its measurements. Calculating the necessary space will help ensure a safe and successful delivery.

Plan ahead by informing your building's management about the delivery schedule.




While doorways are commonly checked, hallways are sometimes neglected. Measure the height, width, and depth of all the hallways through which your furniture must pass. Ensure clear passage by considering low-hanging light fixtures, wall art or pictures, and other furniture or objects that may obstruct the way.




Stairs can present challenges when delivering large items. Since stairs can vary in size and structure, it's essential to measure each step. The dimensions of your stairs, including height, width, and depth, may change as you ascend or descend. Knowing the dimensions of the narrowest point is crucial to ensure a smooth and secure delivery.





Furniture and Delivery Box Measurements




The size of your new furniture is a significant factor in your purchase decision. Your chosen furniture should enhance your living space while maximizing capacity without overwhelming the room. Detailed dimensions of our furniture are provided in product descriptions to avoid mismatched proportions of space.



Delivery Boxes

Understanding the measurements of your delivery box is essential for a successful delivery. The box should be able to navigate through your pathways effortlessly, so it's important to know both the dimensions of the furniture and its packaging.


Please be aware that once you've scheduled your delivery with our carrier, you may only reschedule it once. Multiple rescheduling will incur storage fees.