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Collection: Sofas

The focal point of your living room decor and the ideal place to gather with loved ones or host guests is your sofa set. Because prices for couch sets vary depending on the material and design, it is important to choose the appropriate material, colour, and size while browsing for sofa designs online. Visit Torque India to view a wide selection of sofa designs, including L-shaped, Wooden, Leather & Leatherette sofa sets, Fabric designs, Sofa Cum Beds, Recliner Sofa and Modular sofas, Loveseats, 1 Seater Sofa, 2 Seater Sofa, 3 Seater Sofa, and 4 Seater Sofa with best prices.

A sofa set is a living room necessity that must be included. You must take into account a variety of factors when selecting a modular sofa set for your living room, including the available space, the sofa set's placement, your current design aesthetic, and others. For each of these issues, Torque India has answers. Our L-shaped sofa set is the perfect option if you intend to place your seating area in the corner of your living room. What is the nicest thing about purchasing design sofa set from Torque India?

Our costs: Don't be concerned about going over budget while buying furniture. Our sofa set costs are fairly fair and, to be honest, a terrific deal given the quality offered. You won't have to settle for a sofa that doesn't fit your area thanks to our extensive selection of sofa styles. In order to create a visually coherent atmosphere, pick a sofa set that goes well with your living room's decor.

The living room sofa sets from Torque India are exquisitely designed and made to the highest standards. You may be confident that the sofa you purchase from Torque India will be high-quality, long-lasting and durable furniture. We provide a wide variety of sofa set alternatives, including options like leather sofa sets, solid wood sofas, and many more. When shopping for sofa sets online, put your trust in Torque India to deliver a sturdy and fashionable sofa home. We offer more than just sofa sets in our selection of home furnishings. You can shop for beds, recliners, dining tables, sofa sets, and other pieces of furniture for your house. Check Latest 2023 sofa design at Torque India Store.

Pick Among Variety of Torque India Sofa Sets For Your House:

You'll never run out of fantastic sofa set alternatives at Torque India. Thanks to our extensive selection of sofa set alternatives, you'll find the ideal solution for whatever your needs may be.

1) Fabric Sofa set:

Fabric sofa sets, as the name implies, are typically created utilising various materials to offer your living area a contemporary appeal. Instead of the typical browns and blacks found in leather and wooden sofas, fabric sofas allow you to experiment with a wide range of colours. Go for vibrant and colourful yellow and blue hues or elegant and modest brown and grey. You can be as creative as you want when it comes to fabric sofas. If you need a larger couch for the corner of your living room, Torque India has a great selection of fabric L-shaped sofas. Do you require more comfort? Our selection of fabric reclining sofa sets is the ideal option.

2) Leather Sofa set:

A stylish leather sofa set for your living room is what you need. You can count on Torque India. We provide elegant and comfortable quality leather sofa sets. All of our sofa sets are constructed using premium raw materials for a long-lasting finish. We have leather sofas in colours other than brown if you require them. Our black leather sofa set is a modern classic that will give your living space tonnes of charm. You don't have to settle for a choice that doesn't fit your needs thanks to our affordable leather sofa set price. Go as big as you wish without letting the leather sofa's cost influence your choice.

3) L shaped sofa set:

A L-shaped sofa set, one of the most popular styles, is perfect for rooms with a lot of space. An L-shaped sofa set is the best option if you frequently entertain guests or simply need a place to relax after a long day at work. Both the traditional wooden alternative and gorgeous L-shaped leather sofas are available at  Torque India with best prices.  Choose based on your needs, as well as the atmosphere and appearance of your living space. You won't have to worry about your budget when you get an L-shaped sofa set from Torque India. Our L-shaped sofa set prices are affordable and provide excellent value.

4) Recliner Sofa set:

Given the aesthetic appeal and comfort on offer, Recliner Sofa sets have long been a popular choice for living rooms. A mechanism on a recliner sofa enables the back to be lowered further, providing a more comfortable seating position. Torque India offers gorgeous reclining sofa sets that are built from the best materials possible to ensure unmatched endurance. We provide everything, including fabric recliner sofas and L-shaped sofas with reclining capability. We can supply you with a leather recliner sofa set if you require one. Our selection of reclining couch sets provides maximum relaxation without sacrificing style or appearance.

5) Leatherette Sofa set:

Want the beauty of a leather sofa without constantly worrying about it? We have a superior alternative. Purchase leatherette sofa sets from Torque India online to offer your living space a chic appearance without the moral conundrum. Leatherette is a vinyl-based synthetic material that has the appearance and texture of genuine leather. When you get couch sets from Torque India online, you take home a stunning piece of furniture with great craftsmanship. There are many fantastic alternatives in terms of colours and designs in our range of leatherette sofa sets. In particular, our L-shaped leatherette sofas are very well-liked and provide unmatched comfort and space.


1) What kind of sofa set material is ideal?

When it comes to durability, leather dominates other sofa materials by a wide margin. Although quite an expenditure, it endures and performs admirably in trying circumstances. Consider choosing distressed leather if you're concerned that children or dogs will mark the fabric because any stains will blend in.

2) How long are sofa sets expected to last?

Sofa sets: Think about getting a new sofa set before the seats start to sag so much that they can no longer support you, the fabric gets dirty and worn out, and the structure starts to corrode or squeak. How long ought a sofa to last? A standard sofa lasts 6 to 16 years on average.

3) What colour of sofa set  is most popular in 2023?

Grey was ranked first as the most desired sofa colour for 2023, which is not surprising. The most adaptable of all the neutral colours, grey is perhaps a somewhat more common choice for sofa colour, according to Ben White, design and trade specialist at Swyft Home.

4) What colours of sofa sets are most popular for living rooms in 2023?

The most popular living room colours for 2023 are green, grey, and navy. According to recent research by Swyft Home, consumers are choosing bolder decor options for our homes, enjoying both anticipated and bright colours.