Built to Last, Made for Comfort


About Us

At Torque®, we have a passion for high-quality furniture combined with a seamless, end-to-end shopping experience. We pride ourselves on our customer-first policies aimed at securing your investment in our furniture. We endeavor to provide a modern selection of high-quality hand-crafted furnishings- All at a price you'll love.

Quality Driven

With crafters having over 10 years of furniture crafting experience, we combine premium materials with predominant craftsmanship. All products go through rigorous tests for durability and life span. Our quality control team reviews each hand-crafted piece of furniture to ensure we provide the most elevated quality furniture every day for every customer.

Product Focused

We believe in making handcrafted furniture from the finest materials, at fair costs, customized by our customers to meet their exact needs. Every piece begins as a raw material and is then transformed by our talented experts to precisely the specifications you need.

Manufacturing Process

We’re conscious of avoiding overproduction and are always mindful of waste, so we take a ‘little and often’ approach to ordering. It’s a different way of working and sometimes increases our lead times – but that’s a trade-off we knowingly make. We understand the importance of supply chain management in their Furniture makes us differentiate from other existing players in market. Hence, Upholstery, Foam, Hardware etc. are stock in hand in all warehouse locations to provide seamless delivery to customers.                        

Many of our iconic wood pieces are still handcrafted in our own Vermont workshops, where master woodworkers use traditional techniques handed down for generations, applying each wood finish by hand.        

The skills our craftsmen use have been handed down from generation to generation. We value this age-old knowledge and want to help protect it and keep it alive. It’s the relationship between an individual craftsman, a handmade piece of furniture and your personalization choices that makes each piece truly unique and tells a story.