Seven Horses Painting Direction In Home According to Vastu Shastra

Are you intrigued by the symbolic power of the Seven Horses Painting and eager to incorporate its auspicious energy into your home or office? Delve into these comprehensive Vastu guidelines to understand how to harness the positive vibrations of this iconic artwork:

1. Direction and Placement in Home:
Follow Vastu principles by placing the Seven Horses Painting in the north or east direction of your home. This orientation ensures that the painting radiates positive energy and auspicious blessings throughout the living space.

2. Benefits of Seven Horses Painting with Sunrise:
Position the painting in a room where it receives the first rays of the morning sun to enhance its auspicious qualities. This placement symbolizes new beginnings, vitality, and success, infusing the space with positive energy for the day ahead.

3. Benefits of Seven Horses Painting with Moonlight:
Place the painting in a room illuminated by moonlight during the night to enhance its calming and nurturing energies. The gentle glow of the moon amplifies the painting's attributes of peace, harmony, and emotional well-being, creating a serene ambiance for relaxation.

4. Vastu Guidelines for Seven Horses Painting in Office:
In office spaces, position the painting in the north or east direction to attract success, prosperity, and abundance. Placing it prominently within the office, such as the reception area or conference room, ensures its positive vibrations resonate throughout the workplace, fostering productivity and harmony.

5. Running Horse Painting Direction:
If opting for a running horse painting instead, follow similar Vastu guidelines by placing it in the north or east direction to harness its dynamic energy. This orientation stimulates progress, growth, and achievement in both home and office settings.

6. Seven Horses Painting in Bedroom:
While traditionally associated with prosperity and success, it's not typically recommended for the bedroom. Bedrooms are spaces primarily for rest and relaxation, and the energetic presence of the painting may disrupt the tranquility of the sleeping environment.

7. Enhancing Wealth and Prosperity:
The Seven Horses Painting attracts wealth and abundance into the home or office. The galloping horses symbolize progress, advancement, and financial success, fostering opportunities for growth and prosperity.

8. Creating a Focal Point:
Serve as a captivating focal point in interior design, drawing the eye and commanding attention. Its vibrant colors and dynamic imagery add visual interest and energy to any room, becoming a conversation piece and a source of inspiration.

9. Symbolism of Seven Horses:
Represent the seven horses of the sun god Surya's chariot, each symbolizing different aspects of life, including strength, vitality, intelligence, courage, fame, success, and endurance. Together, they embody the qualities necessary for achieving goals and overcoming obstacles.

10. Maintaining Harmony and Balance:
It's essential to maintain balance and harmony in its placement within the home or office. Avoid overcrowding the space or placing the painting in a cluttered environment, opting for a clean backdrop that allows the artwork to shine freely.

11. Cultural Significance:
Beyond Vastu principles, the Seven Horses Painting holds cultural significance in various traditions and belief systems, connecting with ancient wisdom and universal energies that govern life's journey.

12. Personalized Touch:
Select a Seven Horses Painting that resonates with your personal aesthetic and preferences, ensuring it complements the overall design scheme of your home or office while aligning with Vastu guidelines.

By incorporating these comprehensive Vastu guidelines, you can harness the positive energy and auspicious blessings of the Seven Horses Painting, creating a harmonious and vibrant environment that supports your goals and aspirations.


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